Nocturnal Urges

It’s hard to get a stiff drink in Memphis.

It's the most popular club in the Memphis nightlife. Part legal bordello, part feeding ground for the city's vampires, Nocturnal Urges offers pleasure and pain in one sweet kiss. It's the ultimate addiction: both drug and sex at once. For the vampires, it's the only way to survive in a world where the creatures of the night are a dark underclass, ignored until the humans need another fix.

Into this world comes Isabel Nelson, seeking only a night's pleasure. But after Isabel's lover takes her to try the bite, she cannot stop thinking about Ryan, the dark vampire with whom she shared her lifeblood. Soon Isabel finds herself in a world where passion and love are miles apart, where life and unlife have little meaning - and someone is hunting in the shadows.

Winner of the 2004 Darrell Award

Finalist for the Prism Award

Available in ebook or in the trade release, NOCTURNE.

A More Perfect Union

Some things never die.

Vampires, for one. Samantha Crews has lived a long time in the shadows of Memphis, working at Nocturnal Urges and hiding from the vampires that darken her past.

Det. Anne Freitas is stuck with a new partner, a young woman with a chip on her shoulder the size of Memphis itself. Now she’s assigned to investigate a series of threats against congressional candidate Robert Carton, for whom Samantha volunteers.

But Samantha has just fallen in love with Danny Carton, the candidate’s son. An idealist, who wants to make life better for humans and vampires alike. Danny offers love, understanding and passion - everything Samantha ever wanted.

But there’s a lot Danny doesn’t know about Samantha.

He doesn’t know she’s a vampire. He doesn’t know she works at Nocturnal Urges. He doesn’t know his own father is one of her clients.

And he doesn’t know what’s stalking her. In the darkness.

Finalist for the 2005 Darrell Award

Available in ebook or in the trade release, NOCTURNE.